Hannah Harley Young is a portrait and event photographer.

The go-to girl on the party scene, Hannah shoots parties around London and internationally. Turning heads as the only female photographer amongst an abundance of men, she has made her mark documenting the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous around the city and at events such as Glastonbury, the Cash & Rocket car tour, A list private events and fashion parties.

Alongside shooting the hottest celebrity parties, she also shoots commissioned portraits for private clients, websites and editorial platforms. She has worked with high-end corporates on projects spanning from fashion to architecture. Her attention to detail when capturing moments transpires in her imagery. Hannah creates photos that evoke a sense of ease from the subject together with a sense of place.

Born and bred in West London, a thriving hub of culture and creativity, it’s no surprise that Hannah showed an early interest in photography. Her father, acclaimed celebrity photographer Richard Young, guided and inspired her until she was ready to settle behind the lens of her own camera.

Already trusted as an insider, Hannah shoots both commissioned and syndicated work for a wide range of clients. Examples of her work can be viewed on www.rexfeatures.com. In 2017 Hannah had her debut exhibition Out of the Shadow at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London. All images from the exhibition are for sale in the online store.


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